5 Reasons Why Renting Storage Units Online During A Pandemic Is Safe

Self Storage

May 15th, 2020

Storage units come in handy when moving houses, offices, or for those who get a job transfer and are yet to settle down. Also, if you need temporary storage for your belongings for one reason or another, storage units are an ideal option. The World Health Organization (WHO), public health authorities, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have proper guidelines on the actions that business operators should take amidst the present pandemic. Both health organizations and the authorities are advocating for minimal or contactless interactions as part of the requirements for dealing with the crisis.In that case, renting storage units online is advisable if you want to keep safe. Here are some of the reasons why opting to rent storage units online serves as a safety precaution.

1. Property Managers Prioritize Cleanliness

As the pandemic continues to take a toll on businesses, entrepreneurs are not taking chances. On the other hand, the adoption of strict guidelines from health organizations and the authorities at the face of the current pandemic is not an option. As such, owners of storage facilities are now observing high standards of cleanliness on site for safety purposes.Also, our facility offices are no longer open to the public. That is in a bid to control foot traffic and individuals present on the ground at any one time. Wiping down of all areas that customers touch, including light switches, keypads, elevator buttons, and carts, is also a priority for storage unit operators.Proper hygiene remains at the forefront of fighting the pandemic. Owners of storage facilities appreciate that cleanliness and online services safeguard the health of their clients. That is why they are implementing both.

2. No Face-to-Face Interactions

The online platform is an immense resource for entrepreneurs. Part of the reasons for this is because it expands the reach of business operators. However, in the face of a pandemic, online operations go beyond connecting people. The present crisis is placing a demand on the need for business owners to avoid physical interactions.Online engagements do not require face-to-face interactions. So, by renting storage units online, you will avoid any form of contact that can put you at risk as a result of the pandemic. Movement is also limited in the case of online transactions. The implication, in this case, is that renting storage units online will not only keep you safe, but it is also in line with the current stay at home orders from the government.

3. Low Traffic

Public areas or establishments experience an increase in foot traffic on various occasions. During that period, the need to observe social distancing as a way of dealing with the pandemic becomes a challenge. That is not the case with storage facilities. Once you rent a storage unit online, you need to take your belongings to the specific unit within the facility yourself.For that reason, experiencing increased foot traffic at a storage facility is less likely. The adoption of the online leasing process by self storage operators is a strategic way of addressing the pandemic. It is also important to note that the safety of all accessing storage units is critical, and self-storage makes that a possibility.

4. Paperwork Completion Is Contactless

Completing necessary paperwork in most business transactions involves face-to-face interactions. As such, maintaining a safe distance and wiping down surfaces may not be possible in this case. Yet, both are necessary precautionary measures for dealing with the pandemic. If you want to avoid the risk of infection when renting storage units, you should opt for online services.The reason is that you can fill all the paperwork virtually. You will also enjoy convenience when you complete your paperwork online or by phone when renting storage units.At StorageMax, you can rent a unit online and complete 100% of your paperwork remotely. After your online purchase you will immediately receive your unit number and access code. Then, one of our friendly MaxManagers will reach to ensure you can find your unit with ease!

5. You Are Not Time-Bound

Whether you are running late, you have no spare time on weekdays, or the weekend is already here, you can visit your storage unit any day and any time. It is also possible that the only time you get to visit your storage unit is over the weekend or outside office hours because of various reasons. That is an added advantage in the wake of a pandemic.Visiting your storage unit when there is less traffic is advisable at the moment and also possible. That is because there are no restrictions on when you can visit such facilities after renting one online.


Your safety and that of your loved ones amidst a pandemic should always be a priority. That implies that you should consider taking the right action at such a time to remain safe. The details above confirm the fact that renting storage units online is a wise idea when your safety is a necessity.