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Rent storage you can trust with the experts at StorageMax!

Secure Storage Facilities

Each of our locations is built from the ground up to keep your storage unit (and your belongings) safe!

Every StorageMax storage facility is protected by a wide range of security features. These start when a new tenant moves in - each renter is required to set up a unique access code to get through our electronic security system. This means your MaxManager knows who is accessing the facility and when, so no one can hide behind anonymity!

Next, we’ve got high-definition surveillance cameras on every property. Not only do we keep an eye on every storage unit, our cameras are always recording! No one gets in or out of a StorageMax facility without our cameras seeing them. This can help deter thieves and vandals from bothering your items.

If you have any questions about our security features, give us a call! If you’d prefer to see for yourself, we’re happy to give you a tour of the facility.

Premium Security Features

Rent with confidence at StorageMax!

Coded Access Security Gate

Each new tenant must create an individual access code to get through the gate, and our MaxManagers can track who has accessed the facility and when!

HD Security Cameras

Not only do our cameras scare off unwelcome guests, but we’re always recording what happens on our property. 

Clean, Well-Maintained Units

Not only are our facilities safe and secure, but we also ensure that every storage unit is clean and in good condition. Get the best storage unit for your money with StorageMax!

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Protect your stored items from the heat and humidity with a climate-controlled self storage unit! Available at select locations

Controlled Temperature Range

These storage units keep the temperature within a safe range, no matter what the weather does outside.

Humidity Control

By regularly cycling the air inside, these units keep the humidity in check. This protects your items from mold and mildew!

Great for Valuable and Delicate Items

If you’re storing anything that might mold, mildew, rust, crack, split, or warp, upgrade to a climate-controlled self storage unit to keep them safe from heat and humidity!

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