Self Storage Insurance at StorageMax

Self storage insurance options and where to buy

How to Buy Self Storage Insurance at StorageMax?

As a highly reputable insurance provider specializing in self storage insurance, Bader makes the process as simple as a walk in the park.

Obtain a Bader Participation Form

They are easily found at your local StorageMax office.

Fill in the Required Details

It's always a good idea to double-check that all necessary information is provided.

Submit the Form along with Your Payment

The process gets completed in a swift, problem-free way and allows you to store your belongings with the utmost convenience.

Insurance Is Required

At StorageMax, insuring your belongings is required. We offer affordable self storage insurance options.  If your storage unit is already covered,  please bring a copy of the declarations page at the time of rental.

Through StorageMax, you can easily access comprehensive self storage insurance policies via our partner, Bader Insurance. This helps you find ideal financial coverage for your belongings and protects your interests in the case of an unforeseen event.  

With affordable storage unit insurance policies available, you can rest assured that the belongings you store in your StorageMax storage units would not turn into a massive financial loss in the case of unfortunate incidents. Instead, you can benefit from the extensive coverage offered by your insurance provider to have a wide and reliable safety net. 

What If I Already Have Self Storage Insurance?

If you already have a comprehensive self storage insurance policy, you can get a Summary of Coverage from your insurance provider. 

This tells you about all the items that you have covered under your existing insurance. If any of your items can be insured but are not currently on your policy, speak to your insurance provider about it.

Drop off your Summary of Coverage or proof of insurance at your local StorageMax location. 

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