12-month Price Guarantee

Lock in your rates for your entire first year!

Rest Easy with Our 12-month Guarantee

At StorageMax, customers can rest easy after renting a unit with our 12-month price guarantee. When you rent a unit from one of our locations, you will lock in your rental rate for the next 12 months. We believe in being transparent with our pricing for our customers. 

Visit your nearest StorageMax location or call a MaxManager for more information today! StorageMax lets you strike the perfect balance between safety and affordability with highly secure units available at competitive prices. 

This 12-month price guarantee applies to all of our storage units across Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 

Whether you are looking for a small-sized space or a large-scale unit, you can rest assured that you can enjoy affordable rental prices with your booking. 

The 12-month price guarantee is subject to change if the tenant rate exceeds a 25% discount from the asking market rate.

Value You Can Count On

Our representatives understand the value of storage unit prices and how the average monthly cost weighs on you. Our 12-month price guarantee makes StorageMax stand out among our competitors. Enjoy the same rental rate for 12 months on the following solutions:

  • Residential storage
  • Business storage
  • RV and boat storage

Our 12 Month Storage Rental Rate Pricing Guarantee

Offering over 11,000 storage units across 30 storage facilities, our locally-owned and operated StorageMax storage facility solutions have established their presence in three states. The availability of different sizes and various storage specializations puts our storage units apart from many other competitors.

Whether you need a regular closet-sized storage unit or a climate-controlled garage setup, you can find the exact solution that you need at short notice. All of our storage units at StorageMax are certain to meet your needs.

Solutions for Your Needs

Since all of these options come with subcategories such as regular and climate-controlled units, this provides you with various solutions at highly affordable prices. 

StorageMax maintains the same security and maintenance level throughout all units, regardless of their current status in the 12-month price guarantee program. 

This consistency means that even if you are paying a lower rental rate on your storage unit than current market prices, you don’t have to worry about a downgraded level of service. 

Enjoy optimal safety and functionality without paying a small fortune. With StorageMax, our storage unit costs help you to save money.

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We Combine Affordability with Functionality in Our Storage Units

Apart from the variety of storage units offered by StorageMax, you can also benefit from the combination of modern solutions available through our services at our storage locations. Our amenities provide you with a high-quality storage solution at incredibly affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a service with digital access or a facility with added perks, we can fulfill all your requirements at competitive price points.

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